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The Beach Hunt

Join in the Hunt!

Play for prizes, shirts, beach toys and more! Pick up your game card from the lobby upon your arrival.

Count Your Way Up

In this challenge you’ll need to find out…

  • How many light fixtures are in the lobby?
  • How many stairs are in the west side stairway?
  • How many rooms are on the second floor?
  • What time does the Lobby open?
  • How many chairs are located inside the pool area?

In Your Room

Answer these questions about common things in your room…

  • When you’re tired, you put your head on top of this?
  • This is what adults use to make a morning drink?
  • You go in here to get clean?
  • If you don’t want to be bothered, you put this on your door?
  • What is in your kitchen that is always running…?

The Beach at the Beach

Answer these questions about common things in your room…

  • What bay is The Beach Condominiums located at…?
  • What is the name of the boat rental’s place at our beach…?
  • What lake is the bay connected to…?
  • What do you use to keep the sun out of your eyes…?
  • List 3 materials you use to make castles at the beach…

BONUS Family Fun!

Not required for a prize but fun for the whole family and if two or more are completed a bonus prize is rewarded!

Take a photo of you or your family at the following locations:

  • Moomer’s Ice Cream Farm
  • Sleeping Bear Dunes
  • Leelanau Fish Town
  • One of the area lighthouses
  • Don’s Drive-In restaurant
  • Holiday Hills Zipline
  • Downtown Traverse City
  • Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theater
  • Pirates Cove

Stay Safe on the Hunt!

It goes without saying but remind your kids to follow general safety rules to keep themselves and others safe. No running. No going outside without an adult. No talking to strangers unless it's staff of the hotel. And absolutely no going inside anyone else's room!
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